UK Black Pride to Team With Stonewall For “Groundbreaking Partnership”

UK Black Pride and Stonewall have announced a new partnership to tackle discrimination against black, Asian and minority ethnic people (BAME) within the LGBT+ community. 


“The focus of the partnership is to build strong relationships with diverse BAME LGBT communities that will support the development of both local and national campaigning efforts of issues affecting these groups,”Stonewall said in a press release.


“This work will centre and be led by BAME activists and organisations, like UK Black Pride, to drive meaningful social change and celebrate BAME LGBT people and culture across all of society.”


The decision was made after research last year revealed queer BAME people faced a disproportionate amount of discrimination, both from outside and within the LGBT+ community.


“The work will focus on building strong relationships and supporting the development of local and national campaigning. It will also support the organisation and running of UK Black Pride, Britain’s largest event for BAME LGBT people,”said UK Black Pride founder Lady Phyll Opoku-Gyimah and Stonewall chief executive Ruth Hunt in a joint statement.


“We know that BAME LGBT people are disproportionately affected by homophobic, biphobic and transphobic discrimination.


“This is not acceptable. And it is why we hope that this announcement sends a strong, positive statement of our shared intent. We have not achieved equality until every LGBT person, of every colour and background, is able to enjoy equality within our community and outside it.


“We recognise the influence and privilege that organisations like Stonewall have and, working with the expertise of UK Black Pride, are committed to using that power to reach and empower more people in our beautiful, diverse communities through this joint work.”

Tim GibsonComment