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QLGBTI Womxn of Colour: My Pleasure, My Power

Womxn of Colour can empower themselves and love their sexuality with this holistic discussion of pleasure, body and mental health.

About this Event

Join UK Black Pride & 56 Dean Street to support Womxn of Colour to take up the space they deserve. We will discuss a variety of topics, issues, healthcare and concepts that directly empower people to take ownership of themselves through their bodies - with pleasure.

This carefully curated panel includes a range of experts who are able to talk about many of the ways in which our community can explore themselves, each other, relationships and sexuality.

Topics we will discuss:

• Consent

• Boundaries

• Desire / Pleasure

• Sex/Sexuality/Sensuality

• Vulva anatomy

• Alternative therapies

• Kink/fetish

• Dominant/Submissive role playing

• Relationships / Monogamy / Polyamory

• Overcoming shame

• Conception/ Childbirth / Abortion / Miscarriage

• Spiritual and Mental Health

• Healing

• Recovering from Sexual Violence

Bring your whole self, your friends who would benefit and your beautiful body to talk with us.

Unfortunately, there is limited disabled access to this event. As it is in a corporate building private cinema, there are 5 sets of stairs to walk down. Staff would be able to support with physical assistance, but unfortunately there is no lift or parking. In order to keep this event free of charge, we are unable to change venue in order to accomodate disabled access at this time. However, we hope to put this event on again with disabled access.

Kim Loliya (she/her)

Kim Loliya is a coach, educator and consultant specialising in women’s sexuality, pleasure and empowerment. Kim's practitioner work at The Pleasure Institute includes working with trauma, consent, shame, relationship difficulties and much more. Through body-based, practical tools, Kim creates a gentle healing space for singles and couples and offers new avenues for intimacy, joy and transformation. Outside of her clinic, Kim works as a speaker, facilitator and curator in the U.K and internationally and is the editor of sex+, a sex positive magazine that shares real stories and rewrites narratives about sex and sexuality.

Char Bailey UK (she/her)

Char Bailey is a life-coach, a mental health advocate and a well-being facilitator. Visible advocate in the LGBT community, she can speak confidently to sex, relationships and letting go of shame within ourselves for a more spiritually developed life. Education Officer for UK Black Pride; she utilises her skills to benefit the QTIPOC community in particular.

Phophy Macaulay - Majaeste (she/her)

Phopy has been a presence in the sex positive / kink scene for several years, from hosting workshops to running events at festivals. She believes passionately in dispelling the myths and fallacies often perpetuated about female pleasure, dominance and submission.

TBC: Sukhy Parhar (she/they)

Mixed race, non binary transfemme, divorced, pansexual, polyamorous, pagan, poet, photographer, performer, pro-domme and parent. Often found smashing capitalists, the patriarchy, and white heteronormativity one verse at a time. Sukhy embodies sexuality and sensuality in her performances and will continue this theme in her upcoming exhibitions.

This event prioritises QLGBTI Womxn of Colour to attend.

The Dean Street Wellbeing programme events are thanks to the support of Wandsworth Oasis.