SISTA! Anthology: Lady Phyll & Team Angelica Seeking Submissions

Researching online recently, I was amazed to find with the exception of the legendary Valerie Mason-John’s 1997 interview collection, ‘Making Black Waves’, that there has never been an anthology of black lesbian writing in the UK, ever. I thought this quite startling, as I know so many hugely talented UK-based same gender loving women of African/Caribbean descent who are poets, playwrights, storytellers, commentators and bloggers. How could it be that no-one has ever tried to gather all these wonderful voices together?

Because of that, I was delighted to be invited to co-edit a new anthology from cultural dynamo Rikki Beadle-Blair’s Team Angelica Publishing, called Sista! – the sister volume to their landmark Black & Gay in the UK men’s anthology, which came out to great acclaim two years ago. Important as the internet is, I think there’s something about a real, physical book that is a proof of our presence here, in a way online writing, though valuable, isn’t.

So I’m excited to invite contributions for Sista! from Diva readers – work celebrating the triumphs, and sharing the struggles, joy and power of black same gender loving (sgl) women – including mixed race, bisexual, queer and trans women – who have a connection with the UK.

Rikki, his co-editor John Gordon and I are looking for writing expressing any aspect of black sgl female experience, and welcome poems, autobiographical/memoir pieces, fiction, analytical/think-pieces, in any style, from the street level to the academic, and any length up to about 5000 words. Team Angelica (a really exciting company of creatives – check them out at will be offering payment, a non-exclusive contract and complimentary author copies. The deadline is the1st February 2017.

If you’re interested in contributing, or have any questions for us, please mail John ( and Rikki (, mentioning Sista! in the subject line. Please let anyone else in your social networks know about the project who might like to contribute. I really think it’s going to be something special, and a chance to be part of something unique.

By Phyll Opoku-Gyimah


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